Family is everything.
Let’s create timeless art together.
Every moment in a family’s life is special and unique, and with each year we all change and evolve. As we raise our own children, we come to recognize the importance of cherishing each moment. Because of this, we at Blumenfeld Fine Art Portraits focus on long-lasting and timeless pieces that will be your family’s legacy and passed down by your children to their children. The real value of a Blumenfeld Fine Art Portrait comes from enjoying your wall art and appreciating them even more with each day that goes by.
The final product: your beautiful images on the highest quality archival prints and products hand-crafted in Italy and rated to last for at least three-hundred years. Please refer to the Portrait Investment page for more information.
We will walk you through the entire process. From booking, styling, posing and choosing the best images, we guide you through it all. Remember, you only buy the images you love.​​​​​​​
Our family. Self portrait. 
About Us:
Tal and Inbal are the creative force behind Tal Blumenfeld Fine Art Portraits.
Tal Blumenfeld has a photography art degree with over 25 years of experience. He is a visual storyteller focusing on creative portraiture, beauty, and fine art photography. With a style that is painterly and timeless, his portraits speak for themselves and tell stories which are personal, tender, and emotive. Tal comes to the set with direction, fatherly patience, and embraces each individual personality on and off camera.
Inbal Blumenfeld has a bachelor's degree in graphic design and is the head designer and marketer for the company. On set, she has a keen eye for details and style, helping you with every step of the process. She creates a warm and inviting environment on set where your true self will shine.
Customer Review
Stefanie Small
From start to finish, Tal was wonderful to work with. He gave great instructions on what to bring in regards to dress and hair. He started on time, gave clear instructions to my daughter in a fatherly gentle way. She felt comfortable with him because he was so approachable and understands kids.The end results speak for themselves - it's one thing for a parent to see their child as beautiful. It's another to have art show it to others. Thank you Tal, for everything.
Leah Ackner
I highly recommend Tal's services. Even in the midst of a pandemic, he was able to accommodate my family's needs in a safe way and capture truly, beautiful and real moments.
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